Hand Powered Tool Repairs at R & D Mower & Snowblower Sales and Service


Here at R & D Mower & Snowblower Sales and Service we understand that the maintenance and care of your yard is important. Whether you have excessive leafs or snow piling up, the proper hand powered tools are necessary to keep your home looking great.

If you are having trouble with your hand powered tools we offer a repair service. If the snow is piling up and your snow blower is not working as well as it should, don’t worry, we have a snow blower repairs service.

Has your grass grow out of control? If your lawn mower has not been working properly give us a call and ask about our mower repairs. We will gladly fix it up so you can get started on your lawn maintenance.

We also offer a generator repair service. There is practically no hand powered tool we cannot fix, so come down and visit us today.

If you are looking for hand powered tool repairs, call R & D Mower & Snowblower Sales and Service in East Rochester, NY today!


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